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Russ Darrow Chrysler 200

Get into the Refined Chrysler 200 in Brookfield

Every once in a while, a new face arrives in town. This time, it's the new Chrysler 200.

The face of the new Chrysler 200 Brookfield automobile comes with a brilliantly sculpted fascia and Chrysler's signature grille — an impressive sight as you arrive for work in Ansys Inc. Matched with the integrated halogen projector headlamps and fog lamps that provide impressively wide lighting, as well as the LED accents, the Chrysler 200 is certainly a car you will be proud of.

The interior of the Chrysler 200 Brookfield mid-size sedan from Russ Darrow Chrysler Milwaukee is adorned with enhanced black and chrome accents, and soft-touch materials. The instrument panel also offers a crisp and easy-to-read display, while the center console accommodates the available full-color touch screen to display audio and navigation information from the available Uconnect Media Center Radio. Your chosen Chrysler 200 can also be equipped with the Uconnect Web, which will make your car a mobile hotspot at Anthem College by simply connecting any Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Internet at 3G broadband speeds. Moreover, all controls are within easy reach so as not to distract you from your driving along Route 94. In addition, the ambient lighting floods the cabin with soft glow light that not only adds to the character, but also sets the mood for continued relaxation as you head home from Azana Salon & Spa.

Every Chrysler 200 Brookfield sedan comes equipped with acoustic laminated glass and sound absorbers that reduce environmental noise and vibration. This ensures you are better able to enjoy the company of your friends as you make your way to Melting Pot Restaurant.

See more features at the Chrysler 200 Brookfield showroom, Russ Darrow Chrysler Milwaukee. This dealership is located at 7676 N. 76th Street in Milwaukee. You can also get in touch with the dealer's representative at 888-840-1680 or visit the virtual showroom at

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